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Advanced Screening

Ours is the most usable yet powerful stock screener available. You can use your own universe, rank with your multi-factor rank, and run backtests or rolling backtests. Many pre-built screens are available to help you get started.


You can easily create multi-factor stock ranking systems and run performance backtests. Each factor can be weighted and ranked against all other stocks in your selected universe or GICS level.

Strategy Simulation

Test your hypothesis by running a realistic strategy simulation. A strategy is specified using an intuitive wizard to set up your money management rules, your universe and ranking, rebalance method, and the buy & sell rules. Once you are satisfied you can launch a live strategy to track real time performance and get buy/sell recommendations.

Go beyond price and visualize historical point-in-time data and trends using our extraordinary Fundamental Charting tool. We offer dozens of pre-built charts, which not only illustrate their powerful capabilities but can be supremely useful as you analyze a stock or ETF. Of course, you can also design your own charts using any of S&P’s fundamental, estimate, technical, and industry data.


DataMiner allows you to run hundreds of operations with one click. Specify the operations using human readable instructions, with no programming skills required. The output is in plain text so it can be  easily imported to other systems or reports.  DataMiner is built on top of our API and can run on Windows, Mac or Linux.

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Whether it’s by direct ownership of stocks or by investing according to your capital, we believe any investor, from beginner to advanced, can benefit from taking control of their strategies.

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Portfolio123 truly offers a wealth of useful features that serious and devoted investors can benefit from.


American Association of Individual Investors

Easy to use but powerful functions, backtesting & simulations. My results have been very good and could even be better if I would not try to second-guess my model.

Richard Moore

Portfolio123 user

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